About Our “City”

The Big City Blog is your one-stop resource for advice on how to make it big in the city. Our site is dedicated to ensuring our readers can thrive in the city by knowing what to do, where to go and how to make life sweeter. If you’re just starting fresh in a new city or trying to live life the fullest, the Big City Blog has your back.

Modern Urban Living

Thriving in a city can be challenging, no matter how long you’ve lived in one. The Big City Blog makes things easier by giving you engaging articles. 

We cover various topics on how you can make the most out of living in an urban environment. Read up on the best ways to decorate a small apartment, tips on planning a budget and how to plan intimate gatherings. With our help, you can ensure your years in the city are some of the best times of your life. 

Personal Growth

The Big City Blog also focuses on how you can develop yourself to personally thrive. Our site includes articles on how to come up with an exercise routine perfect for apartment living, how to eat healthy and learning to unwind despite the stress of city living. 

Author profiles

Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie has been living in the same rent-controlled apartment for the past 6 years. She has figured out how to make the most of the same 700 square feet, and still keep things fresh. 

Bill Guzman

Bill is a freelance graphic designer by day and a foodie at night. When he’s not checking out the best types of big city cuisine, Bill is checking out the most affordable ways to enjoy his Saturday evenings.

Anisha Flynn

Anisha enjoys messing around with her collection of guitars as much as she does jogging. When she’s not writing for the Big City Blog, Anisha enjoys takings photos of random litter on the street.

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